Software Development Company Partners

Our goal is a seamless integration with your business applications

Naelan is interested in developing partnerships with companies that offer products or applications that complement its solutions. Software development company partners integrate a portion of the functionalities found in our document solutions. These agreements are typically long-term partnerships that bind Naelan and its software development companies.

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Naelan currently has the following software development company partners:



Accovia is a Canadian and French company, which designs, builds and implements IT solutions and services to global Tourism professionals. Its offer includes various solutions: Dynamic Assembly of multiple Travel Components, Transport Management, Revenue Management and Business Intelligence. Accovia is a member of GFI Solutions Inc., a Canadian leader in IT solutions.

Offices: Paris, Montréal
Web site:

Fast Developers

Fast Developers exists since 1994. They provide software solutions to Spanish financial institutions. Fast Developers offer solutions that suit their clients’ requirements, without abandoning the concept of standardising their applications. Result : all their clients benefit from the others’ experience.  Fast Developers chose Naelan’s solution for the composition aspect of complex documents edited by their applications.

Offices: Carlet (Spain)
Web site:



GIP CPAGE is a public sector software editor, specialised in the French healthcare sector.  It was created to develop, maintain, run and distribute software packages for use by public health facilities.  GIP CPAGE is not only a software package editor, but also a solution provider and computing production centre. KSL Suite is completely integrated with the CPage range, producing the 1400 document types required by the various hospital departments : from patient care to administration.

Offices: Dijon (France)
Web site:



Esker is a global leader in document process automation, helping organizations around the world automate their manual business processes with a suite of on-demand and on-premises solutions.

Offices: U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.
Web site:


J-Way is a european software editor which provides tools to generate business applications to several large public organizations and companies in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Some clients such as the Ministry of National Education use the J-Way complementary solutions with KSL Suite.

Offices: Luxembourg
Web site:



Zags! is a software company dedicated to insurance sector. IGO provides a worldwide insurance solution which handles multiple languages, currencies, and cultures. KSL Suite is natively integrated to IGO6 to create reporting templates, to provide document design tools, to produce documents in batch or on demand and to deliver them though multiple channel.

Offices: Paris, Minneapolis, Tunis
Web site:


Berger Levrault

Berger-Levrault. represents a major software vendor dedicated to the local public administrations. Its core products corresponds to professional SIRH and Financial software. The company also provides specialized and personalized services, consulting, business assistance and specific development services. KSL Suite is a native module of its SEDIT products.

Offices: France
Web site:

Bull Sirus

Sirus is an affiliate of the Bull group, developing management software packages aimed at local government agencies for handling social welfare issues, in particular their Genesis solution. Sirus has very strong specialist knowledge of the social welfare field, gained either from having worked in local government, or as the originators of products developed in this field. Sirus integrates KSL’s software packages in their business solutions.

Offices: France
Web site:

Salvia Développement

Salvia Développement provides to its customers professional solutions for the finance departments and the project management of local communities, housing associations and property developers, in metropolitan France and overseas departments and territories.

Offices: France and overseas departments and territories
Web site:


The MPI Tech Group is a leading provider of document management and document output solutions that put the customer in charge. With its software and hardware solutions MPI Tech enables customers to create, print, secure, transform, distribute and archive their information.

Offices: Denmark, France, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States
Web site: