Document Management – Consulting & Expertise

Document Management Expertise and Consulting

Continuous changes in technology, including software packages for publishing and managing documents and print materials, make it difficult for marketing, document production, and IT managers to do their jobs.
With new sourcing models, changing legislation, and tightening budgets, it has become difficult to streamline and optimize the processes used for managing generated documents. However, today’s decisions are crucial in providing a competitive advantage for an organization’s documents.
Our approach combines the traditional concepts of consulting and expertise in the data flows and document flows involved in maintaining customer relationships.
Our consultants perform an analysis and suggest pragmatic solutions that use:

  • Methodologies for conducting meetings and interviews (Mind Mapping)
  • Modeling of processes, needs, and use cases (OSSAD, UML, etc.)
  • Standard functional matrices adapted by our consultants to your specific situation

This experience gained through numerous customer projects allows us to provide effective consulting to suit your requirements, thereby providing a measurable added value for your organization.
The following are some of the business areas in which our consultants have worked:

  • Document management related to insurance claim files
  • Online contracts for loan products
  • Paperless contracts between a drug company and pharmacists
  • Multichannel incoming/outgoing flow between a bank and its customers and partners
  • Inspections related to regulatory requirements for banks (Basel II/III, MIF, AMF, etc.)
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