KSL Email Designer, emailing design

KSL Email Designer, création d'emailingsKSL Email Designer, a responsive & collaborative enterprise solution
Front or back-office business managers in your company need to rely on the most efficient tools to build and manage an enhanced customer communication. KSL Suite is the ideal Customer Communication Management solution (CCM) to response to this issue; with this centralized and collaborative solution, your employees and business applications send personalized mails and emails to the customers and prospects.
KSL Email Designer is the function of KSL Suite designed to improve email channel in the private or public large accounts; it provides a high personalization of emailing sent on-demand or automatically: order confirmation, account activation, service consumption, marketing campaign, newsletter, etc.
Used by all the department of a company, KSL Email Designer allows business managers and marketing teams to collaborate in the creation of marketing and transactional email campaign; a corporate marketing manager creates some new email blocks, assembles them with blocks designed and validated by the legal department and builds a new email template; then a local sales manager selects a template in the library, creates a campaign, selects the customer data, personalizes and sends the campaign securely.
Collaborative, intuitive and responsive, KSL Email Designer is the vector of collaboration between management teams and allows a perfect and controlled communication with customers.
With KSL Email Designer, a powerful business solution, you assemble, customize and deliver your emails quickly and easily.
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