KSL Interactive – Interactive document production

Businesswoman pressing modern social type of iconsKSL Interactive, the best solution to personalize interactively your business documents!

Probably the most accomplished interactive solution on the market

Part of the KSL Suite, KSL Interactive is a professional solution to create a “one-to-one” personalized customer communication. KSL Interactive is a robust and intuitive solution designed for business users to personalize and deliver documents. On this criterion, KSL Interactive is probably the most accomplished solution on the market.
KSL Interactive can do everything! Offering a simple interface allowing a customization limited to a few clicks, or at the opposite, providing a rich word-like interface for redacting a complex document with several levels of table of contents and validation workflows.

An effective and intuitive solution

The creation of a document is often a key and sensitive step of a business process: a commercial offer or a contract for example must be effective and commits your company. Personalizing a document with the right content and with a perfect rendering maximizes the chances of a deal and limits its risks; it also allows to build a balanced and secured contractual relationship with your clients. With KSL Interactive, your teams create quickly elegant and secured documents, with content always up to date and apply a controlled document personalization.

A multichannel solution

Beyond the functions offered by its powerful interface, KSL Interactive takes advantage of the integration capabilities of KSL Suite and provides multichannel delivery functionalities. In one click the document is sent by email or by mail and archived. The document life cycle is respected from the creation of the document to its validation, archiving and delivery steps.

A response to the mobility needs

KSL Interactive is the way to create a document and customize it in any circumstances: from a PC, a Mac or a tablet, from your desktop, or face to face with your client. It responds to the new needs of mobility of your teams and partners.

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