Benefits / ROI of the post hybrid mail solution

Huge increase of productivity of 66% on a single page letter and until 98% on a 250-pages mailing:

  • An automatic page enrichment: adding attachments, signatures, changing logo, header/footer…
  • An easier user process for sending a mail: mail can be sent in one click
  • Mail delivery can be centralized while leaving the business users view, validate and decide

A significant reduction of direct costs:

  • Costs of documents production: at least 20% reduction of postage costs
  • Less local printer, less printing consumables and paper
  • Significant time savings: no more local printing and enveloping for business users and a cost per page decreased by 20 to 50%

A better control on mails:

  • A better control over documents with validation workflows
  • An improved traceability of mail delivery
  • Automatic documents archiving
  • Full traceability of your costs and of your document production
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