KSL Suite – Customer Communication Management

image_editique2With KSL Suite, management of your documents, from your business processes to the end customer!

Easily automate the creation, management, and distribution of your documents

KSL Suite, designed and distributed by Naelan, is an integrated software suite designed to standardize your business documents and customer correspondence. It works using a repository of components, document templates, and technical services, thereby implementing effective paper and electronic communication.
KSL Suite can produce all of your organization’s variable documents, including letters, invoices, statements, purchase orders, internal reports, sales proposals, technical memories, and more.
KSL Suite also provides the document processing functions needed to bundle and sort printable flows and add technical barcodes, as well as the multichannel distribution, and the storing and archiving of electronic documents.
KSL Suite supports all of your organization’s document publishing processes.

  • Automated (batch) publishing
  • On demand publishing
  • Hybrid mail management
  • Multichannel delivery and omnichannel management
  • Document archiving and workflow

Make your documents reliable and secure

KSL Suite improves the quality of sent documents, increases operational efficiency in the multichannel distribution and publishing of personalized documents, and reduces IT costs and related postal fees. It therefore improves customer satisfaction, the relevance of sent information, and boosts profitability.
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