Use Case

Public Sector

KSL Suite publishing solution leader in local authorities

Local authorities (municipalities, departments, regions …) produce many types of documents, most of which are generated by specific business applications or office. These documents are administered haul destinations, subcontractors, other administrations and staff. In this complex context, KSL provides strong and secure software solutions, often integrated with business applications for the generation and management of documents within different business processes:

  • Social action: records and correspondence about childhood, the integration of disabled, youth housing and childcare
  • Financial management: budget and financial monitoring, commitment management states and editions of cost accounting
  • Human resources: issues of monitoring agents and event, pay slips and post-payroll records, payroll journals, summaries of contributions or transfer orders

In this business, software solutions KSL allow the composition and management of documents, such as:

  • The custom match
  • Forms
  • Newsletters and advice
  • Periodic mass editions
  • And their different modes of distribution (local or central printing, sending mail or fax, web publishing, archiving and EDM)

KSL Suite solutions enable mass editions, but also generate documents in an interactive mode. In the latter case, KSL web interface customization Suite substitute for office tools, giving the ability to edit the basic models, all documents in a controlled and secure manner.
KSL solutions also offer a robust solution to edit documents from any business applications. Several hundred municipalities, county councils and regional councils use, often without the knowledge, software packages KSL.


Edition of invoices and statements Telecom

Based on KSL, the Telecom module is intended for telecom operators who need to produce high volume telecom invoices and meter readings. Documents published by KSL are dynamic complex documents consisting of several parts (summary invoice + retail + invoice summary invoice), and numerous paintings.
The solution enables the design and production of telecom billing documents:

  • Multi-column documents
  • Double-sided or single-sided
  • With or without an overlay, depending on the destination of documents (print, electronically sent or archived)
  • Containing pages whose portrait / landscape orientation changes within the same edition
  • Managing multiple languages in the same document, even on the same line (English / French, Arabic / French, etc.)
  • Integrating shaping steering technical codes (barcodes, OMR)
  • Generated batch

A tool adapted to linguistic particularities of each country

KSL Suite to design and maintain a limited number of templates, regardless of the number of languages used in invoices.
Key elements:

  • Multi-language Managements possible treatment of all languages within the same treatment, that is to say, to dynamically associate the language of each invoice to the language of each customer
  • Ability to manage multiple languages per invoice
  • Ability to manage multiple languages on a single line of a bill: for example, a label in a Latin font and wording in Arabic
  • Outsourcing of production resources to optimize batch sizes to produce
  • Adding a new language without questioning the project and the initial model
  • Dedicated web platform to ensure and maintain the translation of texts and paragraphs (translation dictionary)


Hospital Sector

KSL Suite publishing solution leader in the hospital field

The hospital environment is a major producer of documents, most of which are generated by specific business applications. These applications, real ERP specialized medical world, providing services to public and private health facilities, producing letters to patients and personal destinations. They also ensure the creation of many documents that circulate among different services.
In this very challenging environment, KSL provides strong and secure software solutions, often integrated with business applications for the generation and management of documents within different business processes:

  • Patient management, which publishes notice of admission, care sheets, invoices, reminders …
  • Medical monitoring, publisher laboratory labels, analysis reports, accompanying letters …
  • The management of the pharmacy with its inventory and alert states …
  • Financial management, which publishes accounting statements and budget tracking surveys
  • The management of human resources, which publishes pay slips, reporting expenses, annual wage statements, schedules

KSL Suite allows the creation of documents in a variety of business contexts:

  • The custom correspondence that is generated by centralized applications, but customized by medical personnel
  • The editions at the counter on pre-printed, published locally
  • Labels made on specific printers
  • Periodic mass editions made night
  • And their different distribution methods (paper, email, fax …), plus archiving in electronic format which can be provided by KSL
  • The medical and administrative teams have via web interfaces, dedicated areas, allowing quick access and highly secure documents.

Our references are mostly of hospital IT consolidation, real specialist software. They have chosen to embark software solutions KSL in their application range. KSL Suite is currently used by almost all of CHU Hospital and centers in France.

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