KSL Proposal Manager – Proposal Writing Solution

image_gestion_processus_documentaires_commerciauxWith KSL Proposal Manager, write more accurate and higher quality sales proposals faster than ever

The sales proposal is the key to winning new business.
Regardless of the business sector, sales teams are confronted with having to develop complex response files. These documents are meant to outline the prospect’s needs and provide a clear description of the proposals being made, all at a high level of editorial quality.
To maximize the chances of success, the sales proposal must simultaneously reflect a proper analysis of the needs expressed by the prospect and follow the response framework required by the tender, all while highlighting the nature and qualities of the proposed products and services.
Beyond these sales considerations, a sales proposal is also a document that binds the company. Its content must account for legal risks, the company’s commitments (ex. promised discounts), and related implementation and delivery risks. To accomplish this, it is important to integrate reliable data, including prices, up-to-date legal and sales terms, and an adequate pitch.
Finally, an effective sales proposal must be clear and legible, with elegant formatting, reflecting the company’s communication policy.
To meet these needs, Naelan designed the KSL Proposal Manager solution, which has been used for several years by thousands of salespeople from large- and medium-sized organizations.
KSL Proposal Manager is a collaborative proposal automation solution that centralizes and shares your document intelligence in a repository (library) and saves you time when writing your responses and updating their content.

A solution integrated into your business applications and using your customer data

The KSL Proposal Manager solution can be completely integrated into your information system.
The solution can be interfaced with your CRM or ERP softwares: the documents are created directly from the business application used by your sales team and can be personalized and assembled according to rules depending on the client data. For example, KSL Proposal Manager will insert the exact payment conditions of your client, or build a complex table presenting the commercial prices coming from your quoting software. KSL Proposal Manager can query or receive data simultaneously from several sources: databases, XML via Web Service, user directories, flat files, etc.
KSL Proposal Manager targets the proposal and contract writing process and does not store any client data: with KSL Proposal Manager, no need to upload or setup a products catalog or pricing tables; KSL Proposal Manager will take advantage both of your existing data and applications; it generates personalized documents and manages their interactive writing process; then it controls the document validation circuit, the document archiving et delivery steps.

A software solution installed on your servers or accessible in Cloud mode

The KSL Proposal Manager solution can be installed on your servers so that your teams can maintain full control of its administration and access security. It is also available in Cloud mode.

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