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This page includes all the video available for the current version of KSL for Salesforce 1.6.

If you plan to set up this type of application for your users, or if you are a service provider for your company, contact our teams who can provide you with more precise details and an advanced demonstration.

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On-demand personalized document generation – Interactive document personalization

This demonstration takes the example of an insurance company. A user connected to Salesforce generates on demand a certificate for his client, in PDF format, then edits a contract. The contract is personalized by the user, then generated in PDF format. The documents are versioned and archived with the client’s Salesforce opportunity.

Automate your customer e-mail responses thanks to a library of personalized e-mail template library

This demonstration takes the example of a customer service that has received a request for termination of the contract. The user, from their Salesforce customer’s file in Salesforce, selects an e-mail response templates in a list: in the demonstration he selects a typical end-of-contract response and personalizes the body of this email. In a few clicks he sends the e-mail to his customer. The email is then logged in the customer related activities.

Create in a few clicks a personalized document for your client and send it by e-mail

This demonstration takes the example of a salesperson. From his Salesforce client file, he selects a document template; with a few clicks, the personalized document is generated, sent by e-mail and stored in the client’s file.

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