Naelan in Brief

Document Management solutions

Software + Consulting

Naelan is a company specializing in Communication and Document Management solutions for large public and private organizations facing the challenge of managing and producing significant volumes of documents. It operates in outgoing mail management, publishing and distributing documents, incoming mail, EDM, proposal automation and workflow, and the storage and electronic archiving of documents.
Naelan creates professional software and delivers consulting and system integration services to large companies and public organizations. Our customers are also customers of our partners, editors, and integrators, which allows our technologies to be widely distributed in Europe, as well as in Africa and Asia.
Each year since its formation, Naelan has posted positive results, making it possible to invest regularly in R&D. Nearly 28% of our teams are devoted to creating software solutions. In addition, the company’s share capital is majority-owned by individuals who are directly involved in the company’s operations. This ensures that decisions are made calmly and with great thought, in the best interests of customers, partners, and employees.
Naelan offers its customers and partners a set of Software Solutions and Integration and Consulting Services specializing in document management and publishing. These two complementary activities make it possible to deliver controlled and scalable solutions that clearly meet the expectations of its customers. Our Software and Services teams operate in parallel to support our customers and partners with these solutions and with most publishing, archiving, EDM, digitization, and multichannel distribution solutions on the market.

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