Optimizing Single-Piece Office Mail

Evaluation of the return on investment all the way through a solution’s implementation

Optimizing single-piece office mail involves applying a publishing approach for the individual documents sent by employees. The benefits of this approach are often found in the savings on postage costs.
These savings, however, are not guaranteed, and the theoretical return on investment often differs in reality.
To solve this problem, we suggest consulting, directly based on our project experience, which can address the following key points:

  • Help in identifying candidate documents and applications
  • Estimates of expected actual volumes and postage savings
  • Estimated indirect savings (printing, manual envelope stuffing, etc.)
  • Qualification of the indirect benefits of such optimization (filing, traceability, quality, etc.)
  • Analysis of the impacts on your publishing production resources
  • Estimated ROI based on the implemented solutions (outsourcing or software solution)

These items form a solid case that allows you to make an objective decision regarding whether to launch a project for this area.

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