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KSL Suite – Customer Communication Management

With KSL Suite, management of your documents, from your business processes to the end customer! Easily automate the creation, management, and distribution of your documents KSL Suite, designed and distributed by Naelan, is an integrated software suite designed to standardize your business documents and customer correspondence. It works using a repository of components, document templates, […]

KSL Proposal Manager – Proposal Writing Solution

With KSL Proposal Manager, write more accurate and higher quality sales proposals faster than ever The sales proposal is the key to winning new business. Regardless of the business sector, sales teams are confronted with having to develop complex response files. These documents are meant to outline the prospect’s needs and provide a clear description […]

KSL Post – Hybrid mail solution

KSL Post – Hybrid mail solution An industrial approach for office mails In a company, optimization of the mail production often excludes office documents produced locally by business users. KSL Post is a software product that provides a solution to this statement by extending the document output management strategy to single unstructured documents, created by […]

KSL Services

Our consultants are KSL solution experts who can guide you through the steps involved in building your document publishing project, all the way to its production release: Assistance in the detailed analysis in order to study your existing situation and needs and steer you toward the methodology that will guarantee that your project is completed […]

Document Management – Consulting & Expertise

  Continuous changes in technology, including software packages for publishing and managing documents and print materials, make it difficult for marketing, document production, and IT managers to do their jobs. With new sourcing models, changing legislation, and tightening budgets, it has become difficult to streamline and optimize the processes used for managing generated documents. However, […]


Integration and Development

Does your information system respond efficiently to your communication needs, to your control expectation and simply to your business document requirements? Or do your processes and business applications are fragmented and inefficient, consuming many manual operations, with a low traceability? Does your organization implement a full dematerialization of paper documents whether they are outgoing, incoming, […]


Naelan rewarded at IT Night 2016

[caption id="attachment_2956" align="alignright" width="150"] Naelan at IT Night 2016[/caption] During this 6th edition of IT Night, the Night of the Digital Company, a ...

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A new logo for Naelan

More simple and modern, this new logo accompanies the company changes and strengthens its image as an innovative company providing high value-added software solutions ...

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Nos bureaux lyonnais déménagent

NAELAN a fait l'acquisition de nouveaux locaux sur le Parc d'affaires du Crécy à Saint­-Didier au Mont D'or, à proximité de LYON, dans un environnement professionnel ...

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