KSL for Salesforce®

Give a professional tool to your Salesforce® users for editing and redacting client documents

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KSL for Salesforce® is a software solution improving the daily work of your teams by offering a corporate solution to create any client communication. This application is dedicated to organizations that wish to adopt a simple and performant solution, easy to implement.

4 main functions in KSL

Personalized document generation

Generate and send PDF or MS-Office personalized documents

On-demand or automated generation

Mass production

Quotes, invoices, statements, contracts…

Interactive Document

Application to modify interactively personalized documents
For more personalized communication
For your customer relationship teams

Claims response, invoice recovery, contract certification, correspondence…

Proposal Management

Interactive and collaborative application to improve document redaction process

Business proposals, contracts…

Personalized email responses and Emailing

Creation of customer email responses
Creation of emailings by sales teams
Delivery, tracking and statistics

Claim responses, notifications, e-mailings, e-newsletters…

Key functions

For end-users

Selection of the right templates in a contextual list

Generation of personalized documents

Personalization, assembling and redaction

Library of personalized e-mail responses and e-mailing creation

For document designers

Collaborative and graphical template design based on a component-oriented repository

Processing and display rules for data and components

Ease of use of Salesforce multi-objects data

Automated processes configurator for Flow Builder or Flow Orchestrator

Testing tools to automate data and template non-regression checks

For administrators

Collaborative content management

Centralized management of the corporate and brands identities of your templates

Permissions based on roles for accessing to the templates and to the right personalization items in the documents

Event logs

A secure interface between Salesforce® and KSL

Encrypted exchange

OAuth2 authentication for avoiding password transmission

Pre-composition check of Salesforce data availability


Multilingual document templates

Documents generated in the language of your choice

Multilingual dictionaries in redaction

No surprise

The largest functional coverage of the market

No more expensive than a simple document generator

No integration cost – No code setup

KSL for Salesforce®
A solution for an highly-personalized client communication

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