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“Naelan has become one of the leading publishers of personalized document production software solutions on the market, with more than 1700 customers. In organizations, the personalized customer document is strategic and the volumes produced each year continue to grow;
Naelan cultivates agility and innovation to accompany its customers in this evolution. “


Operational Team

Pascal Bonneton


Pascal’s mission is to define and ensure the execution of the company’s business plan.

Corine Vérité

Product Department Director

Corine defines, organizes and validates the development of our future products and software solutions. Member of the Management Committee

Agnès Berlier


Agnes Berlier Naelan

Agnès is in charge of Accounting, Finance and Administrative Management of Naelan. Member of the Management Committee.

Sylvain Boussekey

Customer Support Manager

Bertrand Buisson

Sylvain heads product qualification and customer support services, a strategic activity for a software company like Naelan.

Khaoula Mazouzi

Consulting & Project Team Manager

Khaoula leads the team of technical consultants and product trainers, and organizes the services of expertise, document design and training to our customers.

Sales Team

Pascale Martinez

Sales Director

Pascale Martinez

Pascale’s mission is to define, lead and supervise the commercial strategy in order to increase sales and turnover.

Julienne Morisseau

Export Development Director and Key Account Manager

Julienne leads the export business development of Naelan and takes care of a portfolio of French named accounts.

Marie Wallet

Marketing & Communication Manager

Marie Wallet

In charge of the Operational Marketing of Naelan, Marie manages the organization of the KSL Users’ Club, commercial actions such as social selling, customer events, website monitoring and participation in trade shows…

Maxime Zberro

Pre-sales manager

Maxime provides his support and technical knowledge to the Naelan’s sales team and to prospects who explore the KSL solution for their company.

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