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Our mission is to help companies to better communicate with their customers and employees by providing innovative software and professional services for personalized and multichannel customer communications

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Software and related professional services

NAELAN is a software company with the mission to help organizations better communicate with their customers, by providing software and related services for multichannel one-to-one customer communication.

We help public and private organizations to create and deliver personalized communication to prospects, clients, employees, patients, or citizens.

We provide solutions for the two key Customer Communication Management processes (CCM): Customer acquisition (creation of emails, propositions and contracts), and Customer communication (creation of correspondences, emails, statements, or invoices).

KSL software solutions are designed to create digital, end-to-end, and seamless processes between companies and their clients. They cover data integration, document and email personalization and generation, document lifecycle management and archiving, digital signature, and multichannel delivery.

Naelan offers its solutions and services to more than 1700 customers. Our customers are also the customers of our partners, editors and integrators, which allows us to distribute our technologies widely in Europe, but also in Africa and Asia.

Software are operated by Naelan as a Service (SaaS), or installed on premises.

Naelan provides a set of solutions and services to improve the operational efficiency of your teams in the management of communication with prospects and customers, and to help your company develop its business.

KSL Proposal Manager

Improve your commercial efficiency with a solution to redact and manage commercial offers

KSL Contract Manager

Write and manage the lifecycle of your contracts

KSL Email Designer

Create your email campaigns at your fingertips!

KSL Suite

Edit, optimize and deliver your documents with a multichannel output management software solution!

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