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Providing Security is in Naelan’s DNA

Security is an important element for every public or private organization. We are aware of this. For this reason, we do everything possible every day so that companies that trust us can generate their customer communications, access their documents and send them with confidence and serenity.KSL software is designed in France and 100% secure: Naelan therefore made the choice to guarantee the highest degree of security for its software accessible in SaaS mode or installed on your servers. The software in SaaS is hosted in Europe and complies with all the requirements of the GDPR. Choose of a sovereign solution with Naelan!The few key points below show that security is a central characteristic of KSL solutions, whether they are accessible in SaaS mode in the cloud or installed on your servers. If you need more information about our security measures, contact us.

– KSL hosting: Naelan has placed its trust in the European companies OVHcloud, Ikoula and Scaleway: your organization’s data is stored on datacenters located in Europe, owned by companies headquartered in Europe. Your data remains and will therefore remain your property.

– KSL access: KSL is based on all the technical features that allow secure access. This access is based on HTTPS encryption of transfers between your users’ browser and KSL servers to avoid any physical listening during information exchanges. The protocols used also ensure that your users connect to a KSL server and not to an unidentified third-party server. Passwords are also encoded and stored securely.

– Backup: production servers are deployed on VMs and databases; storage spaces and databases are secured to ensure a sustainable storage of the configurations and for some customers, the storage of documents and emails. The data is backed up every night and sent encrypted to another Naelan’s hosting providers to ensure a quick operational return, even in the event of a major disaster. Two additional backups during the day make it possible to limit the loss of documents created during the day, also in the event of a major disaster.

​- Outsourcing: Naelan uses suppliers to ensure the physical hosting of data and processing. The conditions for the execution of these contracts with our suppliers are in accordance with the rules of art and European law.

– Maintenance: maintenance interventions (software upgrades and correction patchs) are deployed from a version repository and after agreement of the customer, in order to deploy an official version of KSL software. These version upgrades are carried out by our teams after a test of the customer applications designed with KSL and after customer agreement. These tests can be made by the customer or delegated to Naelan. Only our hosting providers are authorized to perform repair operations in case of degradation of physical servers.

Application security monitoring and audits: A KSL event log is available for client’s administrators; it lists all the access traces. Naelan follows the information provided by the ANSSI ( ) for alerts, and responses to computer attacks. Naelan also ensures an audit of its software for each new version and audits its SaaS platforms. Any customer can perform a security audit (intrusion tests). He will assume the responsibility and cost, but Naelan is committed to helping him in his implementation of the audit.

 – Incident management: Software malfunctions as well as problems found on user’s KSL applications are managed through a dedicated Naelan support application. Incidents that have occurred on hosted systems are subject of alert by email, or a direct by phone call if the incidents significantly degrade the service. Incident resolutions are documented and sent to customers.

Naelan provides a set of solutions and services to improve the operational efficiency of your teams in the management of communication with prospects and customers, and to help your company develop its business.

KSL Proposal Manager

Improve your commercial efficiency with a solution to redact and manage commercial offers

KSL Contract Manager

Write and manage the lifecycle of your contracts

KSL Email Designer

Create your email campaigns at your fingertips!

KSL Suite

Edit, optimize and deliver your documents with a multichannel output management software solution!

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