Who Are We at Naelan?

We provide communication software solutions designed to help you acquire new customers and retain existing ones.

Our Solutions

Personalized Communication
Our solutions enable you to generate fully personalized communications for each of your clients and efficiently deliver them, whether through automated processes or in response to specific requests, regardless of the distribution channel.

Advanced Customization
We offer you the ability to customize your communications based on specific data and, if necessary, enhance them through an interactive drafting or customization phase. Our drafting tools are integrated with an extensive content library to simplify your tasks.

Centralized Management
You benefit from centralized management of all the processes, templates, content, and design guidelines you use. This approach promotes seamless collaboration between your business units and technical teams.

Seamless Integration
Our software seamlessly integrates with your information systems, facilitating smooth business processes and easy distribution initiated by applications, users, or AI-driven automated processes.

Our Philosophy

We firmly believe that automatic personalization of communications is crucial when communicating with a large number of clients. However, we acknowledge that some communications require interactive customization, where users have precise control over content and layout.

Furthermore, we believe that communication tools should be designed to seamlessly integrate with information systems, promoting uninterrupted business processes and efficient distribution.

Our 30-Year Commitment

  • For three decades, we have been committed to offering innovative solutions with unwavering determination.
  • We incorporate your feedback and suggestions into our software roadmap.
  • We provide solutions in both SaaS and on-premises modes because we believe in your choice.
  • We secure our software to ensure a peaceful usage experience, whether on your servers or in SaaS mode.
  • We are dedicated to delivering high-quality services to accelerate the implementation of our tools while granting you complete autonomy.

By the Numbers

  • Over 1,700 companies utilize our solutions, including large enterprises, SMEs, hospitals, local governments, and independent agencies.
  • Each day, more than 300,000 document and email templates are used thanks to our software.
  • We train over 100 professionals annually in France.
  • We release two evolutionary versions of our software each year to remain at the forefront of technology.
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